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BPT (MIAP) , posture expert Specialist in pre & post rehabilitation


Dr. Binduma  brings over 5+ years of experience as a dedicated physiotherapist specializing in Spine and Posture Correction. Starting as an assistant at Recoup Rehabilitation Centre, she focused on children’s rehab and later expanded her expertise to posture correction, serving at a specialized clinic for the past 4+ years.

She holds a BPT from Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS), completing her degree. Certified by the MIAP as a Specialist in pre & post rehabilitation, she is well-equipped to address diverse musculoskeletal issues, particularly in spine and posture correction.

Her expertise covers Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Ligaments Injury/Strain, Total Hip/Knee Replacement Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Facial/Bell’s Palsy Treatment, Arthritis, Joint Pain Issues, Disc Prolapse Treatment, and specialized care like Pre & Post Pregnancy Exercises and Geriatric Physiotherapy.

In pain management and treatment, she employs modern methodologies, utilizing cutting-edge electrical machines such as Ultrasound Therapy (US), Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMS), Cervical/Lumbar Traction, Manual Therapy, Kinesio Taping, Dry Needling, and Dry/Wet (Hijamah) Cupping Therapy. Her holistic approach extends to Soft Tissue/Deep Tissue Massage, targeted Stretching, and Strengthening Exercises.

Committed to personalized care, she ensures patients receive effective treatments catering to their specific needs, fostering overall well-being and an enhanced quality of life.




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    Dr. Yasaswi consults at Dr Yasaswi’s Brain Spine and Neuro Centre in HSR Layout
    Sector 2. He chooses hospitals in Bengaluru with advanced & innovative technologies for surgeries.

    Dr. Vamsi treats conditions involving the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves. dr. vamsi has extensive experience in brain tumor surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, complex spine surgery, pituitary surgery, skull base surgery, scoliotic correction, spinal deformity surgery, and endoscopic spine surgery.

    At Dr. Yasaswi’s Brain, Spine & Neuro Centre, you can consult with a range of super specialist doctors including:

    Neurosurgeon & Minimally Invasive Spine surgeon

    ENT surgeon

    Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon

    Gastrointestinal surgeon

    Orthopaedic surgeon

    Obstetric and gynecologic surgeon

    Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon




    General physician

    Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized care across these medical disciplines.

    Dr Yasaswi offers:

    • Experienced surgeons from top hospitals.
    • Quick consultations, no long waits.
    • Help in choosing affordable quality hospitals for surgery.
    • Easy surgery in top private hospitals with travel support.
    • Quality online consultations for spine and neurosurgery.
    • Budget-friendly options for economical patient choices.

    Yes, Dr. Yasaswi’s Superspeciality Centre collaborates with several hospitals, ensuring comprehensive medical care and top-notch facilities for our patients’ well-being.

    The doctors, during their hospital interactions, will choose the  hospitals that are cost-effective or budget-friendly for the patients.

    Yes, we are partnered with a few specific labs whose results are accurate. We also have Home collection services.

    We always encourage scheduling appointments for consultations with our doctors, However in case of an emergency, walk-in patients will be accommodated at the end of the day following the completion of scheduled appointments.

    Please bring either the printed films or a disc as supplied by your medical imaging provider, if an electronic copy is not available. Please confirm the location of where your scans were done prior to your appointment to determine if we can access images.

    Minimally invasive surgery means surgery through a very small incision. There is less trauma and pain due to the minimal disruption of the musculature. patients will experience a faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, and can return to pre-surgery activity much more quickly.

    Recovery varies based on the particular surgery. generally, it is recommended that patients take two weeks off work to recover from any surgery.

    Dr. Yasaswi’s Brain, Spine & Neuro Center earns its recognition as a super-speciality OPD clinic through a powerhouse of specialized medical expertise. Our doctors are a league of highly educated professionals. We take pride in having an elite team of extensively qualified doctors, each a specialist in their respective fields. Our team, encompassing Neurosurgeons, ENT Surgeons, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Gastrointestinal Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, and Dentists, each champions their field.This ensures that every patient receives care from medical experts, setting our clinic apart as a hub of excellence in specialized healthcare.